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Our Mission To build better associations and non-profits by delivering unique and unparalleled expertise, programs and services to their staff and volunteers.

Who We Are and What We Do 

During a decade of providing advice and resources to literally hundreds of associations and non-profit organizations1, AXI's founder and president came to realize that many of these organizations not only needed but were looking for a place to turn for more extensive and direct assistance. The challenge they faced was in finding a firm that combined extensive capabilities with the specialized knowledge and experience gained from working with associations and non-profit organizations.

To fill this gap, Association Xpertise Inc. was launched in 2000, and in a very short period of time, has become a significant presence in the association and non-profit sector. A key factor has been the success of AXI's consulting services division...a success that is defined by and based upon the results achieved for association and non-profit clients.

Launched by association expert Wayne Amundson, AXI delivers a wide range of consulting and outsourcing services to meet the needs of associations and non-profits across Canada. As well, AXI also offers management services including Virtual Officeô, Association Management, and part-time executive director services.  AXI delivers a range of training sessions and presentations, publishes The Canadian Association e-zine, and has developed a range of resources and products for the association and non-profit sector.

AXI president Wayne Amundson is a member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives, American Society of Association Executives, and CMA Alberta.

1 As executive vice-president of the "association of associations" in Canada.

AXI works with Boards and staff to solve association and non-profit problems. 

In the context of your needs and timeframe, we can:

  • help you meet an impending deadline 

  • provide the needed expertise for a particular project

  • step in when you canít delegate or donít have the time to train someone

  • help you plan and prepare for an uncertain future

  • offer that unbiased, objective viewpoint

  • work with you to address financial challenges 

  • be that credible third-party resource

  • provide a way to fast-track a project when it is bogged down in process

  • help you avoid a conflict or confrontational situation

  • develop a creative solution when resources are limited

  • work with you to solve an immediate crisis

  • provide that important second opinion do it when, for whatever reason, you donít want to do it!

Check out the range of consulting services that we provide to associations and non-profits. 

It is not just about what we can do ... but what we can do for you. When you succeed, we succeed!

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